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Metalworking Equipment > Press Brakes > 250 to 325 to 400 Ton Press Brakes > Press Brakes AB Series [250 to 325 to 400 Tonnage Presses] > Model AB400-14  
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Model AB400-14, Press Brakes AB Series [250 to 325 to 400 Tonnage Presses]

Our brakes were specifically designed for the following applications
  • Full length bends where full tonnage across the bed is a necessity for the truest bends
  • Off-center loading when any amount of the brakes tonnage is needed across the bed
  • Center loading where any amount of the brakes tonnage is required
  • Multiple die set-ups across the bed that require varying amounts of tonnage
  • Punching applications in one area or at varied locations across the bed - each brake has a counter balance valve to allow the least shock to the hydraulic system
  • Short piece work, with some of the fastest ram speeds on any brake, your small piece work is done quickly, easily and with precision.
  • Any Size Facility will benefit for the Standard Industrial brake from the price conscious smaller facility that does piece by piece work up to the 3 shifts a day high production manufacturers that require dependable, low maintenance machines with readily available components for minimal downtime

Specifications  · Start with the Best Foundation Possible and Build from There  · Why It Is Important For You To Buy A Standard Industrial Press Brake  · Quality Assured  · Single Cylinder Hydra-Mechanical Drive System  · New Manifold Based Hydraulic System  · 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.


Shipping Weight

67,000 lbs

Forming / Punching

400 / 265 Tons

Bed/Ram Length

14 ft

Between Frames


Open Height

20 in


10 in

Closed Height

10 in

Throat Depth

10 in

Start with the Best Foundation Possible and Build from There
Over the past 35 years we have overwhelmed our customers and our competition by the uncompromising rigidity of our machinery. This rigidity coupled with our simplicity and trouble free operation has made us one of the top selling press brake manufacturers in the world. In January of 2000 we initiated an unheard of 5 year parts and limited labor warranty that drastically separated us from our competition and we haven't stopped there. Our newly developed press brake ram and hydraulic systems have separated Standard Industrial even more from the other brake manufacturers.

Too many manufacturers today base their machines productivity on computerized technology rather than the quality of the brake itself. We here at Standard Industrial start with a solid well designed 100% U. S. made machine and then add the merits of CNC capability to provide you with the best machine on the market today.
  • Most well built, heaviest brake on the market
  • Least amount of Deflection on any brake available
  • All parts covered for 5 years and afterwards a lifetime supply of available parts from your local vendors
With full tonnage throughout the stroke and more importantly throughout the entire length of the bed and ram the Standard Industrial brake has a repeatability advantage over most dual cylinder brakes. Direct dual cylinder brakes require complicated hydraulic and electrical systems to balance their tonnage and they require a vast amount of labor and parts as the machines age. Typically the customer is forced to pay exorbitant prices for the parts and labor that they can only get from that manufacturer. We at Standard pride ourselves on the fact that customers can get parts for their brake from their local suppliers and the simplicity of the equipment requires only the most basic trouble shooting.

Why It Is Important For You To Buy A Standard Industrial Press Brake
  • Standard Industrial is 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.
  • 5 Year Across The Board Parts and Limited Labor Warranty
  • Unheard of Factory and Dealer Service and Support
  • Full-Tonnage Throughout Stroke
  • Typical 30+ Year Lifetime, Plus a Lifetime of Parts and Service Availability
  • Solid, Non-Moveable Lower Beam Substantially More Rigid Than "Bed Level" press Brakes
  • ± 0.001" Ram Repeatability
  • Off-center loading Capability
  • The Most Heavy Duty Press Brake Built In The U.S.A.
  • Extremely Heavy-Duty lower beams allowing the least amount of deflection. Less Deflection = Longer Tool Life = More Profitability.
  • Groove in bed for tooling is standard on all brakes.
  • All Components are readily available from your local suppliers and are covered by our 5 year warranty
  • All parts will be readily available for a lifetime from anywhere in the U.S.A.
  • Precision mechanical in-line depth stop as back-up for any CNC control
  • The in-line depth stop insures NO Down-Time due to computer failure.

Quality Assured
  • Simple and Precise Ram level Indicator
  • Always visible, easy to read
  • Simple and Precise Ram Level Adjustment
  • Infinite ram to bed level adjustment of ± 1/8" from centerline
  • Newly designed compact rams with minimal overhang
  • Provides full forming ability

Single Cylinder Hydra-Mechanical Drive System
  • Each A660 bronze bearing is guaranteed for 5 Years
  • Our exclusive 1 Cylinder design means no balancing act like 2 cylinder systems with uneven tonnage.
  • Each bearing is designed to withstand 6 Times Total Tonnage of brake
  • Full tonnage throughout stroke and full tonnage the entire length of the bed and ram

New Manifold Based Hydraulic System
  • Incredibly Simple To Troubleshoot
  • All Parts Available To You locally
  • Exceptional Ram Speeds For Fastest Strokes Per Minute
  • 5 Year Parts Coverage
  • Fewer Hoses, Tubing, Fittings Provides Far LESS Maintenance And Downtime
  • Located overhead to provide clear operator area

100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.
The hydraulic/mechanical system as used by Standard is certainly a superior concept as evident by the number of manufacturers currently offering similar products. However, we have more experience in years and thousands of products designed and manufactured than any in the business. Our design experience is reflected in our size and type of bearings and shafts as well as our technical capability to design a bellcrank system that does not have excessive side loads. All forces are vertical above the ram centerline and are contained in the "box" structure that houses the drive system and ram guides.

The ram of the press brake is guided by heavy duty slides as used in straight side presses. These slides are located both front and back of each end of the ram and are clearly superior to the small rear mounted guides found on other press brakes.

All press brakes require guides to contain end movement of the ram. Other manufacturers use tiny segmented guides incorporated in the main ram guides. The Standard design is to provide a heavy duty, self aligning system at the rear center of the ram and located inside the press frame. This system requires no operator action when the ram level is adjusted.


Press Brake Literature
(PDF, 2098KB)

 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A. 

Made in USA
100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A.

 Standard Features for On All Press Brakes 

Spring Loaded Clamps for Easy Quick Die Change
Standard Features for On All Press Brakes

 Model AB Press Brake Options 

Press Brakes AB Series - 6
Model AB Press Brake Options

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