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Metalworking Equipment > Hydraulic Four Column, C-Frame and Straight Side Presses up to 1,000 tons > Four Column Presses > Model AP Four Column Press > Model AP200-48-48  
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Model AP200-48-48, Model AP Four Column Press

Features Include:
  • 100% Made In the United States of America
  • All Components Readily Available From Your Local Suppliers
  • Hydraulic Oil cooler (fan radiator type)
  • Two hand controls for operator safety
  • ANSI B11.2 standards
  • Counterbalance valve & Decompression system for punching/bottoming
  • Dependable Support from the people who make the machine
  • Typical 20-30 Year Lifetime
  • Hydraulic Tonnage Control
  • Typical 20-30 Year Lifetime
  • Full Tonnage throughout Stroke
  • (2) 5/8" t-slots in the bed and (2) 5/8" t-slots in the ram
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • 5 Year Limited Onsite Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime telephone support at no charge
  • Specifically designed for center load and even tonnage applications
The dimensions listed are from our catalog but we are more than happy to quote custom bed and ram sizes per your specifications

Specifications  · Features  · Applications  · Press Application


Forming Tons

200 Tons

Punching Tons

100 Tons

Ram Size

48 in

Bed Size

48 in

Left to Right Clear

48 in

Overall Front to back

48 in

Open Height

20 in


12 in

Closed Height

8 in

Approx. Weight

40,000 lbs

Speed Approach-Press-Return

108-26-160 in/min

  • Hydraulic system with continuous filtration
  • Massive welded frame
  • Large chromed columns
  • T-slots in bed and ram
  • Permanently mounted electric heaters for column maintenance
  • Oil Cooler
  • Adjustable shaft packing
  • Heavy guide bearings
  • Adjustable tonnage control
  • Adjustable ram travel
  • Portable 2 hand control station

  • Embossing
  • Drawing
  • Stamping
  • Die Try-out
  • Sizing
  • Rubber Pad Forming
  • Forming
  • Swedging
  • Trimming
  • Punching (Due to the overall weight of the ram and the drive system, when punching or blanking with a four column press, you should limit your overall tonnage to 50% unless stroke dampers are used.)
  • Blanking (Due to the overall weight of the ram and the drive system, when punching or blanking with a four column press, you should limit your overall tonnage to 50% unless stroke dampers are used.)

Press Application
As with all manufacturers, each style of Standard Industrial press has a particular strength or attribute that makes it more acceptable for a particular application. To a certain degree all of our styles of presses can perform similar applications, but it is very important to identify what your particular application is before you buy. For example, the model AM straight side presses are typically used by customers who require a varying amount of tonnage across the bed of the press. Progressive die set ups are perfect for straight side presses due to the single cylinder hydra-mechanical drive system that generates full tonnage all the way across the bed. In one die you may have a light forming operation, then next die may require heavy punching and the next may have a guillotine shearing action. With a Standard Industrial straight side press it doesn't matter where the tonnage occurs along the bed as long as the overall tonnage requirement does not exceed the machines overall tonnage. The AM series is also used in virtually every other pressing type application as well.

On the contrary a model AP four column press is designed for center load applications and/or applications that require little variation of tonnage across the bed and ram. Four columns are especially good for long stroke and deep draw applications where the ram must travel a considerable distance to complete an operation and then retract out of the way.

The model DCSS style is a more compact version of the straight side press providing a staggering amount of rigidity due to the enclosed end-frames and compact bed sizes. Even with enclosed end frames the DCSS can allow material flow through with windows in the end frames. The DCSS is excellent for all types of press applications including center and off-center loading.

The model DC C-frame style press is a gap frame press which lends itself to a wide variety of forming applications as well. It is particularly good for applications where the workpiece is larger than the bed and/or the material needs to be fed from the left or right. All four styles of machines and their strengths are explained in more detail in this literature.


Hydraulic Press Literature
(PDF, 1614KB)

 Standard Features, Options for Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM Presses 

Standard Features for Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM Presses
Standard Features for Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM Presses

Die Cushions Mounted Under Press Bed
Available Options for Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM Presses

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